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How can you ensure your sensitive data is protected?

Certes DPRM for Business and End Users

As an organization or end user whose personal identifying information is being provided to a business, you want to be sure that they will take as much care with your personal information as you do. DPRM protects your data in such a way when the inevitable happens and a data breach occurs you can be certain that your data, if protected by DPRM, is in a format that no one else can access or misuse.

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We safeguard end users by rendering stolen data useless for attackers. Our robust security measures prevent unauthorised access, ensuring that the compromised information cannot be exploited, cloned for identity theft, or sold on the dark web.

Here’s how Businesses and End Users can benefit from Certes’ DPRM solution:

How can Certes DPRM help protect your data?

Certes is empowering end users and businesses alike by ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of their personal data, mitigating the risks associated with data breaches and enhancing trust in businesses and MSPs handling sensitive information.

Certes’ DPRM solution not only focuses on data security but also on maintaining data integrity throughout its lifecycle. End users can be confident that their personal data remains accurate, consistent, and reliable, as it is protected and managed with Certes’ comprehensive data protection framework.

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Certes is 100% focused on protecting valuable customer data as it moves across 3rd party networks, multi-cloud environments, LAN, WAN and more. Our solutions are designed not only to protect against known threats but also to anticipate and mitigate emerging risks.

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