There have been 1,102 cyber attacks today already

Network security alone is a risky bet. We safeguard your data no matter where it goes or who tries to access it, so you're protected at all costs.

We elevate data protection for...

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Managed Service Providers

Certes DPRM

Customers sensitive data travels over our services and we become a data handler

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Tech Alliance Partners

Certes DPRM

Customers use our technology in sensitive data environments and we want to partner to add DPRM capabilities to our solutions

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Business Owner or End User

Certes DPRM

I own sensitive data and want to mitigate regulatory risks for my business

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We protect an impressive 6 terabits of data every second - and not one single hack!

Uncover the power of the DPRM solution to safeguard your data and ward off fines.

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The average global data breach costs $4.45 million. We’ve got your back.

Introducing the Data Protection Risk Mitigation (DPRM) solution - an unbeatable, data-centric approach that shields your data, even in the wrong hands.

The DPRM solution is structured around four essential pillars.

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Separation of Duties

DPRM's patented Policy and Key Management puts data protection control in your hands, minimising risks tied to third-party management and potential penalties.

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Layer 4 Data Payload Protection

Our patented Layer 4 Payload Protection focuses on safeguarding customer-defined sensitive data within each network packet, ensuring that even if attackers gain access, only unreadable information is revealed, maintaining data security.

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The DPRM solution focuses on securing network teams' controlled data with Crypto-Segmentation, providing individual protection for each application data flow and ensuring robust security without disrupting the network.

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Data Security Unified Reporting

DPRM offers unified reporting for real-time insights into data security and vulnerabilities, seamlessly integrating with existing tools for audit compliance, enabling immediate risk mitigation and swift action.


There's been 1 global data breaches since you've opened this web page. Act now to protect your data with Certes and stay ahead of advancing cyber threats.

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Secure tomorrow's data today

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Latest News

Ransomware Attacks on Active Directory: A Call to Action

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In recent years, ransomware attacks surged, threatening businesses globally. By the end of 2023, over 72% of businesses were hit, a record high. A troubling trend is the targeted attack on Active Directory (AD), a crucial network component. We'll explore global ransomware attacks, tactics by groups like AlphaV/BlackCat and Volt Typhoon, shortcomings of traditional defenses, and introduce Certes DPRM as a proactive solution.

Embracing the Quantum Age: Pioneering Data Privacy

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As we enter the quantum era, the transition to quantum-safe cryptography is not just advisable but essential. This shift involves updating cryptographic standards, deploying new encryption solutions, and widespread education on the importance of quantum-resistant methods. With its pioneering efforts in quantum-safe solutions, Certes DPRM is leading the charge in preparing for a secure quantum future. 

Certes: Rebranding for the Future

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Over the last years, data security has evolved and well, so have we. This year, we’re excited to announce a complete rebrand of Certes Networks. Just as we focus our customers on protecting their data rather than traditional network security, we felt it was time this was reflected in our name.  We are taking the focus off networks and shining a spotlight on data.

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