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Deploying DPRM into your Data Protection Solution

Certes DPRM: the future of data protection

Data Protection and Risk Mitigation represents a comprehensive approach to data protection and risk mitigation, aligning seamlessly with the challenges faced by modern enterprises.

This protection should be easily integrated, without disrupting the existing infrastructure tools you’ve deployed.

The Data Protection and Risk Mitigation (DPRM) Framework consists of four distinct pillars: 

Layer 4 Data Payload Protection

Safeguarding the actual data regardless of the infrastructure it traverses

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Separation of Key Policy Ownership

Placing 100% control with with Customer of Data Controller

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Logically segmenting data flows through strong cryptography, ensuring data sovereignty

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Data Security Unified Reporting

Providing a clear view of protected, blocked, and allowed data flows for audit and record-keeping

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Layer 4 Data Payload Protection

Pillar One

Traditional network security often treats all data equally, applying protection to the entire network packet at layer 3. Our patented Layer 4 Payload Protection takes a more focused approach by safeguarding customer-defined sensitive data within each network packet. This targeted protection ensures that even if attackers gain access to your data, only unreadable data is revealed, maintaining the security of your sensitive information.


Separation of Duties

Pillar Two

DPRM’s patented Policy and Key Management places control of protection parameters in the hands of the customer or data collector. Responsibility for data protection always stays with them, avoiding legal and financial risks associated with regulatory penalties in case of a breach. By ensuring that only the customer controls keys and policies, DPRM reduces the network vendor’s or service provider’s access to data, diminishing their role as a Data Processor and associated business risks.



Pillar Three

As network teams navigate the data journey, vulnerabilities emerge where data can be targeted. Our DPRM solution focuses on securing the one aspect teams control – their data. Crypto-Segmentation recognizes the uniqueness of each application data flow, providing individual protection with dedicated encryption keys. This customer-controlled approach defines protection without causing network disruptions. DPRM effortlessly manages thousands of policies simultaneously, ensuring robust protection with minimal performance impact.


Data Security Unified Reporting

Pillar Four

With unified reporting in DPRM, you can gain real-time insights into data security and potential vulnerabilities. This reporting allows you to prove data protection for audits or legal reasons, integrating seamlessly with existing security tools. Proactive monitoring helps swiftly detect abnormalities or unauthorized access, so you can act quickly and enable immediate risk mitigation.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Whether you are a Managed Service Provider handling customer data, a Tech Alliance Partner processing data or an end user owning data, Certes DPRM has multiple benefits specific to you and the way that you use your data.

For Managed Service Providers, we offer robust solutions designed to fortify your infrastructure against evolving threats, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and client satisfaction. End users and businesses benefit from our comprehensive approach, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of their personal information while navigating the digital landscape with confidence. Alliance Partners can be rest assured knowing that our tailored strategies mitigate risks, preserve reputations, and foster trust among stakeholders, ultimately bolstering operational resilience and longevity.

Join us in safeguarding what matters most – your data, your reputation, your future.

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Tech Alliance Partners

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Business Owner or End User

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