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Certes DPRM for Managed Service Providers

Our DPRM solution eliminates the legal risks associated with MSPs handling customer data by implementing patented cryptography anonymizing customer data in a way that shifts data access control solely onto the customer.

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Our DPRM solution effectively minimizes the risks that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) encounter with each new client engagement. When an MSP has access to customer data -whether they offer services with data in the clear or implement some form of protection (such as managed SDWAN or managed MPLS/Internet) – they legally become Data Processors. As a result, you share the portion of financial, reputational, and potentially legal risks associated with data breaches.

Here’s how MSPs can benefit from Certes’ DPRM solution:

Mitigation of Risk


With every new customer onboarded, MSPs assume a level of risk associated with managing their data. Certes' DPRM solution mitigates this risk by providing robust protection measures that safeguard customer data against breaches and unauthorized access.

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Legal Compliance


MSPs acting as data processors are subject to legal obligations regarding the protection and privacy of customer data. Certes' DPRM solution helps MSPs ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by implementing data protection techniques that anonymise the data in a way that only the Data Collector and not the MSP can access removing them from the role of Data Processor

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Financial Protection


Data breaches can have severe financial implications for MSPs, including potential legal fees, fines, and loss of business. By implementing Certes' DPRM solution, MSPs can significantly reduce the financial risks associated with data breaches, as the solution empowers customers to retain control over their data.

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How can Certes DPRM help your MSP business?

DPRM exists to protect sensitive data in a way that is 100% in the control of the customer, and not the Service Provider – our solution removes that portion of accrued risk and liability from your existing services portfolio.

Certes’ Data Protection and Risk Management solution offers significant advantages for MSPs, alleviating the inherent risks associated with managing customer data.

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