Certes: Rebranding for the Future

Certes: Rebranding for the Future

Certes: Rebranding for the Future

Traditionally cybersecurity has centred on safeguarding the perimeter of a network. However, as data breaches and ransomware attacks continue to surge, the limitations of conventional network security become evident in safeguarding what matters most to customers – their valuable data. It’s crucial that we shift our perspective. We don’t focus on the network, we focus on what really matters, your data. 

Headquartered in the U.S, we’ve been pioneering security technology solutions for over 15 years focusing on data protection and risk mitigation (DPRM) to businesses across the globe. 

Over the last years, data security has evolved and well, so have we. This year, we’re excited to announce a complete rebrand of Certes Networks. Since 2000, our mission has been to assist businesses in adopting a strategic, data-centric approach instead of relying on traditional security methods that only serve as obstacles to an inevitable breach. Just as we focus our customers on protecting their data rather than traditional network security, we felt it was time this was reflected in our name.  We are taking the focus off networks and shining a spotlight on data.

So this year, 2024, we welcome “Certes”. 

Our rebrand involves more than just a new name, logo, and website. It signifies our commitment to adapting to evolving cyber threats, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated. With breaches on the rise, regulatory fines hitting record highs, and, in some cases, resulting in criminal prosecution, prioritising data protection and risk mitigation is paramount for organisations.

Why choose Certes 

Data protection should be treated separately to network security and focus on safeguarding what is actually important – the data. We position ourselves at the forefront of this shift in the industry delivering Data Protection and Risk Mitigation (DPRM) solutions. 

As organisations continue to grapple with the challenges posed by data breaches, we’re providing a control that not only protects their data when a network breach occurs but also safeguards them from regulatory penalties. DPRM is not a technology solution – it is a business risk mitigation solution, it does this by protecting the customers data and making sure the control of risk from regulatory, financial, reputational and potentially legal penalties is firmly with the customer. 

Paul German, CEO at Certes comments:

“In our conversations with clients, it’s undeniable that data takes centre stage as a top priority. Unfortunately, infrastructure discussions tend to overshadow our dialogue too often, and we’ve reached a point of fatigue in dealing with customers shouldering the risk. Now, with solutions like DPRM, we can shift that burden away from them. We’ve always been a company that’s focused on data protection, so it felt natural to streamline our brand and introduce Certes.

This marks a pivotal shift in mindset beyond infrastructure networks, placing a targeted emphasis on what bad actors are truly after – customer data. Working together with partners like CISCO, Cyberknight, and Westcon, we believe we can help change the future landscape of data security.”

Take data protection to new heights, and safeguard what’s truly important to your business. With Certes you can ensure your business operates in a secure and resilient environment.