How to Navigate Data Protection and Risk Mitigation for a Resilient Cybersecurity Strategy

How to Navigate Data Protection and Risk Mitigation for a Resilient Cybersecurity Strategy

How to Navigate Data Protection and Risk Mitigation for a Resilient Cybersecurity Strategy

Data loss through breaches is deemed a negligent act by the C-Suite, as recent legal actions show. This emphasises the need for CEOs to prioritise data protection. Alarming projections indicate that cybercrime could cost companies worldwide a staggering $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion in 2015. The pressing question arises: Why isn’t the imperative for concern and transformative change in mitigating data loss risk at the forefront of every business strategy? 

As threats continue to evolve in sophistication, protecting your data against potential breaches and cyber threats becomes increasingly crucial. Businesses are not only grappling with the challenges of cyber threats but also the intricacies of compliance. This is where Data Protection and Risk Mitigation (DPRM) takes the stage, a realm where Certes recognises these key pillars as foundational elements crucial to the success of our businesses and the genuine safeguarding of our data. 

Understanding Data Protection Risk and Mitigation (DPRM)

Your business houses valuable data that requires protection in this ever-evolving digital era. In a straightforward approach, cybersecurity measures are essential to guard against modern threats, such as hackers, malware, and cyber dangers. However, traditional cybersecurity tools are often retrospective, reacting to past events, which can lead to breaches under data protection regulations, meaning you’re just too late.

DPRM involves tools and practices designed to prevent unauthorised access. Certes offers a proactive approach with unique patented technology, securing data before potential breaches. Our method, including key ownership separation and data flow segmentation, ensures prevention rather than cure. Oh, did we mention – it’s totally transparent to any other existing network monitoring and analytics solution you may already have in place?

A Data-Centric Solution: The Certes DPRM Solution

It’s evident that complex network infrastructure-based security is stumbling, as demonstrated by the surge in data breaches (let alone those that are kept quiet), with the total number reaching a staggering 6 billion in 2023. The paradigm shift is clear – this is a data problem, not an infrastructure one.

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity are proving ineffective, underscoring the need for a data-centric solution. It’s time to use the right tool for the job, focusing on securing the data itself rather than merely fortifying the infrastructure it resides within.

Effective Risk Mitigation

Digital landscapes require constant monitoring to detect and neutralise potential threats. Certes DPRM solution approaches the problem from a different direction – if you are constantly chasing the “bad actors” to neutralise the threat, you will never be ahead of the game. Certes focuses on the data and wrapping protection around it so the infrastructure becomes less of an issue, as the target of the attack is already protected – the data.

Comprehensive Data Security

Certes DPRM solution excels in seamlessly integrating data protection and risk mitigation, forming a comprehensive data security solution. Unlike traditional network security, which focuses on protecting a stationary infrastructure, Certes protects data in motion, ensuring its security wherever it travels.

Ensuring Data Security with Advanced Encryption

Certes DPRM solution uses its patented Layer 4 data protection capabilities as a suite of powerful tools to safeguard your data. It makes the data unreadable to unauthorised users, ensuring that only those with the policy and key can access it. This means that even if your network perimeter is breached, your data remains secure.

Securing Tomorrow’s Data Today

As a beacon of security, Certes fortifies your data against the relentless wave of cyber threats. Understanding the basics of data protection and risk mitigation allows you to strengthen and protect your organisation against potential breaches, resulting in fines, adverse publicity, and ransomware attacks. 

In an era where data breaches are considered inevitable, don’t wait to become a victim. Protect your data before it’s stolen. Traditional network security is not sufficient on its own, and the key to securing your business is safeguarding the data itself. Trust in Certes to build robust defences and secure the security of tomorrow’s data. 

To find out more and how the Certes DPRM solution can safeguard your business, get in touch with a member of our team today.